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#86391 Hello Guys,

I am trying to connect my TM4C123GH6PM Microcontroller from Texas Instruments with my Smartphone and use it to control an alarm clock and LED Lights. (the LEDs are controlled over a Transistor, which is controlled over an GPIO Pin).
I have some experience with coding in C++ and the TM4C123GH6PM, but I am still learning a lot. So please excuse some foolish mistakes I might have made.

I want to connect the ESP8266 with the Microcontroller using UART and the TivaWare Framework.
I have written some code and my UART works correctly (I tested it by sending chars from UART 4 to 3).

According to the AT commands of ESP8266 It should respond to "AT" with "OK". But whenever I send something to the ESP it responds with exactly what I sent to it. I checked the wiring, and that's not The Issue. Or at least I think so. Please correct me, if the wiring is wrong.

ESP -> TM4C123GH6PM:
VCC -> 3.3V
Tx -> Rx (UART3 / PC6)
Rx -> Tx (UART4 / PC5)
CH_PD -> 3.3V

I also checked for the power consumption of the ESP. Everything is powered by the USB-port of my laptop, since that helps keep the cable mess down. I monitor the power consumption with ( ... UTF8&psc=1). The ESP is drawing about 150mA from the computer, but the port can provide a lot more. I checked with some LEDs and 400mA is not a problem.

Can anyone help me? I am working on this now for over two days and can't find a Solution. What is the Problem with the ESP not responding correctly to the AT command? The blue light is one, when the code is running.

PS: The attached code contains also code for the alarm clock control and LEDs. I attached it, since it could be part of the problem, but some of it is commented out and most of it is not used.
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