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By pangolin
#87698 I have been using AsyncMqttClient ArduinoIDE library in my projects but found so many fatal bugs in it that I wrote my own. I use it mainly for all my ESP8266 devices, but it works also on ESP32 and (soon) STM32-NUCLEO. It fixes 16 of the bugs in the other library that I found myself and allows payloads of up to 20kb on ESP8266 and 120kb on ESP32.

It is fully asynchronous, very fast and correctly implements QoS0 1 and 2 including session recovery to preserve / replay QoS1/2 messages across a disconnection: I don't know any other library on ESP platform that does this :)

If anyone else has been having similar problems with other libraries, they might like to give this new one a try: PangolinMQTT