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By Pablo2048
Seif_1999 wrote:Meeting people like you really disappoint me.

So let's put this straight - I really don't care if you are disappointed or not - I've joined to this forum to meet people which work with ESP8266 - they do something, get something and when get into trouble they post here what are they working on, what they did so far and then explain their problem. (just to answer your question...) Questions like "Hi dude, can I have my own car? If so, where I have to start to get one?" (sounds familiar, right?) are IMO... well how to say it nicely... they belong to n00b section. It seems that the world start to be ruled by laziness - people don't care about reading documetation, won't search for anything and (even worse) don't bother to put together all informations to their questions. But they think that they have right to ask and are "disappointed" when the answer don't suit their expactations.
Seif_1999 wrote:You got no idea how much time I spent trying to do this,...

No, I have no idea - so tell it to me. How long did you search for this? And what EXACTLY did you search for? It seems like putting quetions to search engine which gives totally irrelevant answers is piece of hidden art to me so I'm very curious. This is not first time I'm asking for exact explanation, but I've never got any answer so far.
Seif_1999 wrote:If you think I am so idiot to the point that I can't search for a simple keyword like that...

Well, how about this:
1. I've put "esp8266 database library" to the Google - the first result point to - SQLITE3 database server hosted on ESP8266 (took maybe 30 seconds???)
2. I've put "arduino database library" to the Google - the first result point to
3. I've put "micropython database" to the Google = the first result point to ... btree.html
4. I used my brain and put "sqlite3 arduino" to the Google - result point to ... ger-ea93f6 - this is just DB logger so very small memory footprint and is very fast.
How long it take? Maybe 10 minutes... Actually takes me longer to write all of my responses to your "question" than find an answer...
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By pangolin
#87709 In my experience, folk that think they need a database on ESP8266 are generally either a) unaware of the many better options b) transferring PC/Server type thinking onto an MCU which was never designed for that type of application.

The most common solution to a) is to send values via MQTT to "some server somewhere" often a raspberry pi which can then store data in database on e.g. a PC that is designed for the task. The solution to b) is to look deeply into the hardware spec of the ESP8266 and try to understand how ill-equipped it is for any true database solutions.

In my own firmware, I use an http:// call to a JS/Express server for MySQL logging which works well and MQTT for pretty much everything else.

In cases where a user insists on local storage (which is never going to be more than about 3MB) I have yet to meet a single case where a flat CSV file won't do the job. My "golden rule" is to start from the premise that any such request for "database on ESP" is fundamentally wrong and then work backwards to see which of the above solutions works best.

To the OP then: what data do you want to store and why won't a flat CSV file work?
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By eriksl
#87743 Yeah indeed. Wow it's cheap, let's used it EVERYTHING. There is a reason why it's cheap ;). For my uses and demands it's perfect. But if you want do "PC" things you may get disappointed.