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By Ocsav
alexbriscoe wrote:Try using a free GPIO-port and software serial.

Unfortunately there is no free gpio pin on a ESP-01S. And the Arduino IDE have no way to select "interesting" lines to map.
So I have no solution, but I find difficult to believe that I'm the only one with this problem. There *should* be a way to make the POST silent.

But I guess I'm procrastinating.
I'm prototyping with the ESP-01S and with the module ESP-01M (that strange one with 18 contacts on the edge).
The latter have extra gpio pins but with the adapter board is not so compact as the ESP-01S is.

thank you
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#87719 Hi Ocsav,

that 'debug' (ets...) is a built in serial output of the ESP chip. There is NO WAY to disable it, unfortunately! The chip dumps that data out on every start of the chip at a very weird baud rate. As long as you want to use the hardware serial port you have to live with that...
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By Ocsav
#87722 I noticed that the baud rate was strange but only thought, "I can live with that"... So I have Serial.begin(74880) on setup. It totally makes sense it to be related to the crystal. But I didn't knew that.

I'm not sure that it makes sense not to have a way to do a quiet boot. Specially when boot is the only way to get out from deep sleep.