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By Gokhan E
#87807 Thank for the explanation. I saw also blocking info but i didn't think it will cause watchdog.
In my situation like you said when i disable sft watchdog it trigger hdw watchdog.
I think of 2 solution.
A- Found a new library. I dont know how :)
B- Run the loop step by step like 50 step by 50 step. In that case it will run like stop go stop go so i dont know how the acceleretion etc... will affect by this.
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By pangolin
#87818 A: Google
B: Slowing down your own loop or doing it a line at a time ect its pointless and will do nothing...the problem is in the single line blocking library call.

There is no way you can fix your code with that library, so A is your only option.
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By Gokhan E
#87826 Option B worked :) but its funny that motor stop,work,stop,work. Like you said its not an exact solution only temporary one.

I am serching for a library. If i can find one i will write.

Update: It worked with accelstepper without blocking. I needed to change structure. When i clean the code i will post it for others.