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By Sylus
#87898 Hello everyone,
I recently got an nodemcu ESP8266 CP2102 and am trying to make a real-time grapher based on a tutorial on this site.

However when I try to upload sketch data, it displays the address and other thing for the module and says upload failed.

The sketch to be uploaded gives error 'esptool.FatalError: failed to connect : invalid head of packet (0x00)

I have tried googling the issue but cannot find a descriptive and easy to understand answer. (I'm newbie to esp8266). Can you guys please give me some tips on how to resolve this issue? (My Arduino IDE shows 2 random ports without connecting any devices, so perhaps this is the IDE's issue?) Thanks in advance!
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By pangolin
#87906 "My Arduino IDE shows 2 random ports without connecting any devices" They are not "random" they are existing com ports. IF you have the correct cp2102 driver loaded in windows, one of the will be your nodeMCU. If you have not yet installed the driver, then they will be part of your existing hardware.

Once you have the correct driver installed, you will need to go to "devices and printers" to see which COM port it has. This is - of course - the one you need to select in the IDE before uploading the sketch.