The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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Communication between Microsoft Azure and ESP32.
About reference method of transfer value of Ardino
The values ​​randomly entered in one variable are as follows:
I want to display it correctly in stream analytics of MICROSOFT AZURE, but the reference of the value does not work
There is a strange value. What should I do now?


"IOTA0 = analogRead(A0);
IOTA6 = analogRead(A6);
The analog value was captured by ”.
"Snprintf(buff, 128, "{\"IOTA0\":%d,\"IOTA6\":%d}");"
In the "Ardino" loop function in Esp32MQTTClient.h
(Trying to process with Esp32MQTTClient_SendEvent(buff).
This is going to be transferred to Azure.

Results The communication results were reflected in Azure's stream analytics.
But different from the analog value, it should be 0 correctly,
Display a value like 299999.
It does not change even if the analog input value is changed.
Therefore, it does not seem to be referenced correctly.