Downloading and installing the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By perlchamp
#87307 hi there,
using arduino ide 1.8.12 opened preferences window and did enter ... index.json and ... index.json
(comma separated) into the Additional Board Manager URLs field.
then i opened the boardmanager (Strg+Shift+I) and enter 'esp' in the search field.
BUT I CAN'T FIND "esp8266 by ESP8266 Community". it's not listed.
thanks in advance
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By QuickFix
#87339 Have you restarted the IDE? :idea:
BTW: You only have to enter one of the links
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By DickG
#88877 I also have an issue trying to located the ESP8266 via boardmanager.
This is the error message I get when restarting the Arduino IDE (1.8.13):
"Error downloading dex.json"

I just found the solution with Google at: ... tallation/