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#81731 Ok, thanks for your help.

Then this is the library:
PuceBaboon / ESP-Now-Gateway

It is right?

On the other hand, do you know if there are any limitations in using that library compared to the original arduino?

For example, this library seems to me that it does not support the use of DHCP in the w5500.
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By infrafast
#89109 I am facing an issue with trying to implement a WP5500 an ESP12 module. This emai thread was very usefull.
The business case is that I need a very small scale device having both WIFI and ethernet connectity because of mechanical and other constraints.

As far as I undrestood I should use the the Ethernet library which I tried.
However looks like the implementation of this library for the ESP8266 is a bit behind other board as it does't allow to for instance use CS pin (using init method) and lacks a few other method like EthernetLinkStatus

Configuration as following:

- ESP8266 IDE package: 2.6.3 (also tested with latest 2.7.x)
- ESP8266 model: D1 mini pro noname (wemos like)
- pinout as following:
D0 GPIO16 4
D1 GPIO5 20
D2 GPIO4 19 CS
D3 GPIO0 18
D4 DGPIO2 19
D8 GPIO15 16
I kept D5,D6,D7 as the standard SPI config ( ... s.html#spi) and only use D2 as CS

Header of ethernet.h from last github repo:
static int maintain();
static EthernetLinkStatus linkStatus();
static EthernetHardwareStatus hardwareStatus();

static void begin(...);
static void init(uint8_t sspin = 10);

static void MACAddress(uint8_t *mac_address);
static IPAddress localIP();
static IPAddress subnetMask();
static IPAddress gatewayIP();
static IPAddress dnsServerIP() { return _dnsServerAddress; }

void setMACAddress(const uint8_t *mac_address);
void setLocalIP(const IPAddress local_ip);
void setSubnetMask(const IPAddress subnet);
void setGatewayIP(const IPAddress gateway);
void setDnsServerIP(const IPAddress dns_server) { _dnsServerAddress = dns_server; }
void setRetransmissionTimeout(uint16_t milliseconds);
void setRetransmissionCount(uint8_t num);


Header of ethernet.h from ESP8266 board (for arduino IDE 1.5):


void begin(...);
int maintain();
IPAddress localIP();
IPAddress subnetMask();
IPAddress gatewayIP();
IPAddress dnsServerIP();

I tried to :
- use the ESP8266 native library from the package "as is" but the program is just pending at
if (Ethernet.begin(mac) == 0)
and never continues...(no reset no errors)

- force usage of the most recent library but when compiling I get followinging error message. I could try to but I am a bit afraid that by doing that I will pull a things that will never end:

Thanks a lot for your help