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By david1234
#89128 Hello ,
I have read here and on Google a lot about the 802.11 Frames but something doesn't add up.

can it be that there is a different between Android 8 and Android 5.1? the request is not the same? or maybe it sent some random MAC ?

because when I "sniff " android 5.1 device - I can see it "on the air" while when I "sniff" - android 8 device , I don't see it

(I know the MAC of both devices I'm searching )

Thanks ,
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By QuickFix
#89139 When you are sniffing using promiscuous mode, you should be able to see all WiFi devices in the 2.1GHz band that are sending beacon messages.
From what I can remember, the last time I played with it, I was seeing all Android devices I had at that time (4.4 - 8 if I'm not mistaken) and iOS (iPhone), but only the iPhone was regularly sending different MACs (probably to protect it from snooping eyes). ;)

The only thing I can think of is that your Android 8 device(s) only have 5GHz enabled or beacon off.