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By newstar444
#90201 Hello all,

I am completey noob and after ages reading I seem to have a grasp of my problem at least. Please take tbe time to read as at first glance you may think Im on a wrong website but my issue is I need to upload a firmware file which is bin format to a device which appears to use an Esp8266-esp12 module. Im not sure if its using just that or whether that is connected to another larger arduino based board. But certainly the device has friction driven motor drives and renishaw encoders for tracking of stars etc.

I recently purchased a telescope mount which one connects to via Wifi and it is allowing control via slewing via a GUI accessed by a web browser. Gui navigated to once connected to the wifi and wifi name has ip address one navigates to.

Basically you connect power and the drive broadcasts a wifi ssid with embedded ip (like name:ip). You then connect the wifi -> navigate to the GUi after via a webbrowser and the broadcast ip.

However I was supposed to flash a bin file to upgrade firmware for the internal controller. Since then I am unable to navigate to the GUi despite it still showing a wifi signal and I am still able to connect to to the wifi. But inputting ip does not work and says error 404 not found.

Now to trouble shoot I used different browsers /os clear cache etc. I figured out how to ping the ip and also checked with Net Analyzer regarding the whether the wifi was working or not or whether somehow the firmware was uploaded incorrectly.

This is when the Analyzer told me that Im communicating with an arduino device specifically Esp8266-ESP 12 . It pings correctly on all all operating systems I confirmed with cmd in windows and terminal in macos

knowing nothing about arduino I spent next 2 days reading and finally found my way here.

Now my issue is The mount has two identical drives and they connect to each other via link cable and set themselves up as master and slave to control different axis of rotation. One of the drives updated firmware with no issue and works perfectly fine, I can connect the wifi navigate to the gui of the control interface via the ip.

The other one though turns on, broadcasts a wifi, which I can connect to but part from can not be controlled. I can not control as Im unable to access the GUi i usually would via ip address and webbrowser. Even when I connect the other drive and then connect the malfunctioning drive the good drive is unable to configure it as slave drive, apart from giving it power it doesnt even appear to see it.

The two drives are identical apart from different ip address but they both use identical hardware and software. I suspect when I flashed firmware which was done via Gui and upload of firmware file (bin) the two separate drives may have been connected via link cable and perhaps it was corrupted. The other drive is functioning normally.

Now my question is am I able to somehow get into this drive via the wifi on the ESP8266-eSP12 module upload firmware again. I have a completey functional drive for reference if that helps.

I did contact the company however they are extremely tied up with Covid related issues. I wanted to use my device if I could, and wonder if somone can tell me what I need to do to get this to work.

Sorry if this is the wrong place and I appreciate any help. I am quiet happy to tinker as much as needed except opening the mount assembly as I dont want to void the warranty. As it one of the drives is useless and I cant do anything with the other till I fix it.