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By Sylvain78
#90640 Hello,

My in-laws are Mexican and live in Mexico City. They are regularly victims of earthquakes, for this reason the government has set up in the 90s an early warning system (seismographs are installed throughout the country and analyzes in real time the movements, in case of too important movements an alert to the population is emitted in VHF).

This alert is broadcast on radio, TV, but also on weather radio (very popular in North America). The principle is simple, the radio remains silent and when an alert is emitted it is automatically turned on via the famous 1050 Hz modulation.

My project would be to monitor this weather radio via the internet, for this I already have the weather radio in my possession so it will be set up according to the instructions of the authorities. On the other hand, I would like to be able to monitor it from France, and alert me in case of malfunction.

To check the correct operation of these radios daily tests take place every day at the same time from 2:45 am and every 3 hours (2:45 am, 5:45 am, 8:45 am... etc) this has the consequence of turning off a small yellow led for a few seconds. I would like to connect in parallel to the terminals of this led to retrieve the change of state (via a gpio pin of a nodemcu), and indicate on a dashboard "Ok" when the test was received in the period from 2h44 to 2h46 (for the 2h45 test, and so on for the others). I would also like to receive an e-mail or telegram alert in case of tests that failed twice in a row.

In your opinion is it possible with a nodemcu?

Thank you