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By YoukimKudoh
#91150 I am creating a night light type project for a class and one of the features it’s needs is to be portable and rechargeable without having to take out batteries from the product. I was wondering what battery type would work best and what I would need to be able to charge the battery while it’s still connected to the esp8266.

I know I will probably need some special ic board for the charging capabilities. Also the battery needs to be compact as possible since it is a small product.
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By icons
#91164 There are the Wemos D1 Mini WiFi Module ESP8266 18650 Battery Slot. They have everything you need in one small package. According to description it can supply up to 1amp. I have not used these myself but have been eying them myself. It also depends on what kind of LEDs you are using and how many of them. These use 18650 lion batteries which are nice.