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By ShepherdKai
#91146 I perform OTA updates thru http and webserver (both method). This allows to upload binary firmware updates by users remotely without any knowledge and even automatically when the ESP connects internet and detect a new version.

I recently introduced usage of SPIFSS using fs.h and soon soon littleFS which allows to have proper segregation between DATA/FILE and compiled BINARY.

I am looking for how to send BOTH the content of the binary file AND the DATA to the esp at the same time using the OTA method mentionned above or to only update DATA same way... (ex: esp connects internet and there is a new revision of the index.html page made available...)

So far, the only way I understood we could do that is :
- by using the IE arduino plugin, so you upload the binary and then you upload the data (or the other way around), which is not possible for my remote users since they would need to have IDE environnment,
- for the DATA it seems to be possible to do it via FTP, but still, this would require user special knowledge / tasks...

This is not possible in productive environment where auto update are required as described above. Do you know the solution, I hardly imagine this is not possible?