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By nygma
#91355 Hi All,

I have an ESP project (in fact it is for an ESP32, but I am assuming it would be the same for ESP8266 as well). I use Arduino IDE. I set the Sketch Data Upload tool to upload files to SPIFFS along with the firmware to the ESP.

I would like to offer my project to folks who don't have Arduino IDE, or don't want to set it up. I can generate the firmware bin which could be uploaded with esptool (or one of the Windows executable like ESP Easy Flasher, or ESP Home Flasher).

But how can I upload files to SPIFFPS outside Arduino IDE? My firmware is 1MB therefore I have 3MB left on a generic ESP32 board I am using for this project. And furthermore I would like to have a process where I can select which files to upload (these are mp3 files for a project which will not always be the same mp3s).

Any pointers are welcome, I have no idea how can I get started.