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By CarmeloLabadie123
#92353 Hello

I'm having lots of problems with the ESP8266-01 WiFi module. I have tried dozens of configurations of hardware and software and I can't get the Arduino Uno to connect to the ESP8266. It comes back with basically three different errors:

ESP8266.h doesn't exist. - Even though when I open the folder, there it is.
ESP8266.h has multiple copies. - Only one in the folder.
Timed out trying to receive the headers. - I get this even trying to load a blank sketch like a couple places online suggested.
I have used resisters. Not used resisters. RX to RX and TX to TX. RX to TX and TX to RX. Tied the Uno's reset to ground. Let it float. CH-PO to high, low and float. I've loaded probably a dozen different libraries and let Arduino IDE install them and installed them through the terminal program. Some I have copied/pasted into files and placed them where they go. I have configured the IDE so many times and ways, I've forgotten the default settings.

Every site says they are very easy to use. Do this, setup that. Type AT and it returns OK. Nope. Won't even load. I've been at it for three weeks and nothing works. I'm using Arduino 1.8.9 on MacOS. I'm about ready to give up on it ever working. That will mean five projects so far that will have to be scrapped since they need wireless to work correctly. This is my last hope of getting it to work. Please help if you can.