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By Mr.Gil
#88720 Why not take the easy out. Since you can reflash it, load a program that dumps the eeprom, locate your information then just reflash it. I hope this solves your dilemma.
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By Zachrey
#92033 Hi there!

I know what you are getting at! I have been trying to setup a WiFi range extender and it keeps giving me bad SSID and Passwords (something got messed up in the simulated "EEPROM" (used for arduino compatibility)).
The github link you posted no longer exists but I found this at least. ... ce-needed/

which has the code:

#include <EEPROM.h>

void setup() {
// write a 0 to all 512 bytes of the EEPROM
for (int i = 0; i < 512; i++) {
EEPROM.write(i, 0);

void loop() {

Mikubo wrote:Hi there,

i would be very greatful if somebody could help me.
I did a testing with Spacehuhns Deauther Tool and set my Wifi to invisible. For some reasons i forgot my WIFI Passwort and want to clean the EPROM of my ESP8266-Board. I found this EPROM Cleaner on Schinfo's Github page:
but i sadly don't now what to do with that .info File. I only own that ESP8266-Board and an Windows PC. Do i need special Software or an Arduino for clearing the EPROM? I'm completely new to this. Many thanks in advance.
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By TerryE
#92605 The standard method is to use Espressif's It's available as one of Espressif's github repos.