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By Focus
#92877 I started my own project with the ESP8266. I watched a YouTube video how to install the driver and how to write my first code. The guy in the video just uploaded the code to his ESP8266. I did the same thing and got the error "Port is not selectable.".
When I click on tools I can't change the Port.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
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By Inq720
#92900 Need more details...
  • computer details Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
  • ESP8266 - There are hundreds of versions
Since you say driver, I'm taking a WAG that its Windows and you're talking about the CH340 driver...
I also assume you have an easy ESP8266 with built-in USB... WeMos or NodeMCU.

Here are the instructions I give my students to setup a Windows environment.

If your system is set up correctly, any ESP8266 device connected should show up in the Arduino IDE under Tools/Port. If its not showing up, your system isn't set up correctly yet.

Someone here will be able to help you if you give more details.
Good luck.