Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266

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By FilembarEliJeevan
#93744 Hello everyone, Just for gaining knowledge how to build my own Embedded C compiler like pre process, assembly,linker, generating Hex file, elf file, map file.

Any useful link available?

I am embedded software engineer and having knowledge in c programming omeglz echat, python, bat script.

Waiting for your reply
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By rpiloverbd
#93811 Hi, do you have a linked in account? I saw a couple of months ago that linked in was offering an embedded c course. That course was paid but it could be done for free with some limited access and within a limited time. That course covered the topics that you have mentioned.
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By btidey
#93822 What do you mean by "build" your own?

Ready built Tool chains for esp8266 including all the processes you mention are available and can be installed in different environments (Linux, Windows, Mac etc). They can be used to support different development methodologies from raw make files up to Eclipse, Visual Studio, PlatformIO, Arduino etc.

Just Google ESP8266 tool chain to get links

You can also build the tool chain components from source if that is what you want to do.