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By thierry7100
#94427 Hi,

I have recently bought new LOLIN D1 mini (v4.0) boards with an USB-C connector.
With these boards I am unable to upload LittleFS data to the board.
With the same system (Linux Ubuntu 20.04, Arduino 1.8.16, ESP 8266 v 3.0.2) this is working fine with older boards (3.1).
I have no problem to upload the sketch, only with the Flash Data.
Little FS data upload creates the files, I am able to list the directory, but the content of the file (only one file for the test) is totally corrupted.

Any idea how to overcome this problem ?

Thanks in advance
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By thierry7100
#94454 Hi again,

I have installed esptool via the linux command sudo apt install esptool and I am now able to upload the data to the chip. It is quite cumbersome (I have to retrieve the right file int the tmp dir, the upload time is very high, esptool doesn't want to set the baud rate higher than 115200 baud) but it works !
Esptool install via apt is v2.8 vs esptool 3.0 present in arduino package.

If you have any explanation ?