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By eriksl
#94591 To reply on the original question:

"Yes good question".

Arduino sucks from all sides, I wasn't "too pleased" when it came to the esp8266.

The problem is that it doesn't encourage their users to actually learn something, it's all meant to be plug-and-play. And in practise it can't be that plug-and-play anyway (luckily) and people start asking silly questions instead of reading the documentation.

But the worst of it all is that so many people seem to think that arduino = esp8266. That if something doesn't work as expected, it will be an issue with the esp8266. Asking a question in one of the esp8266 generic subforums instead of in the dedicated arduino subforums. Often they don't even mention they're using arduino, wasting the time of all people that like to help but don't have experience with arduino.

It's a bit like the guys that call all tablets "ipads".