The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By babaiem1378
#95017 Hello everyone. I want to power up my ESP8266-01 with a Transformerless Power Supply that called Capacitive Power Supply. Circuit diagram of this power supply is shown in figure below also components I used in this circuit are a polyester capacitor 4.7uF 400Volt, a 1M ohm resistor 2Watt, a bridge rectifier, an Electrolyte capacitor 470uF 50Volt, a zener diode 5.1volt 5Watt, a 3.3Volt regulator(AMS1117).
First I plugged in power supply everything is okay but after my ESP8266-01 boot and connect to Wi-Fi its current is reduced and as a result, residual current generated by power supply passes through the zener diode. It makes the zener diode so hot that it cannot be touched. after a while zener diode is burned and overvoltage damaged my ESP8266-01. I am looking for a solution for this problem...
Because of this problem I burned 9 number ESP8266-01 :( :( :( So I beg you to help me please.