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By Sirquil
#94863 CameraRainGauge.ino Project Files

Project would have been impossible for me without the help of people from community;
Forum, Forum, ESP8266 Forum,, Random Nerd Tutorials Forum. Project started
back in the Fall of 2012; with gifted "Arduino Uno." Thank you to all the people that have helped
with the project!

Project web site servered from ESP32

Project web site served by Free Hosting Service

"CameraRainGauge.ino" was developed to provide a data logger accessible over the Internet, provide
capability to manage files via file transfer protocol (FTP), over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, two
web sites, and a RTSP video feed!

Heart of the project is task management; this is accomplished using network time protocol (NTP) servers
to set ESP32 system time. UDP packets from the NTP server are decoded into MONTH,DATE, YEAR, HOUR, MINUTE,
and SECOND. Conditional "if" statement "if((MINUTE % 15 == 0) && (SECOND -- 0))" are used to excute tasks
at specified number of minutes and seconds; this statement evaluates "true" every fifthteen minutes and zero
seconds. NTP is used to automatically configure time zone and daylight saving time., plus date-time stamps.

AsyncWebServer handles "GET" requests from the Internet and processing of web pages.

RTSP Video feed:

Video is captured by "Wyse Cam 3" feeding the free "Unreal Media Server" running on a Windows PC. HTML5 document
embeds WebRTC Player; which, pulls "live" video feed from the UMS. Main Menu option "Camera View" of project website
displays RTSP video feed.

ESP32 core; version 1.0.4 was used for this project.

Project started with an ESP8266 after many crashes; moved to a dual core, ESP32. Crashes were no longer a project stopper.
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By Sirquil
#95020 08/02/2022

Updated project to use WiFiClient Event logging of ESP32 web server starts, Brownouts, Watchdog, Wifi connects and disconnects.

Produced five minute video of project:

08/02/2022 update of project
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