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By stealthrt
#95261 Hey all.

I currently have a Telluride that has the Kia UVO touch screen.

I can side load an app onto its launcher using its ADB via USB route. However, the only profiles its Bluetooth can do are:

Code: Select all  HFP (Hands-Free Profile)
 A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)
 PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile)
  MAP (Message Access Profile)

Out of those above I was thinking of either doing MAP or possibly HFP using a esp8266 or esp32. All I am wanting to do is send an on or off command (AT?) from the UVO running my android app to the esp8266/32 so I can turn on or off a relay that's connected to the esp8266/32.

Does anyone have any knowledge of doing this with an ESP8266 or 32?