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#95580 I'm a bit confused, I must admit, which is probably evident from my two previous posts, which I wish I could delete. It is, after all, important to ask the right questions, which I fear I Haven't.

My current and general issue, just recently having delved into the world of ESP8266 programming, using the Arduino IDE, but other than that, being an able C programmer, is lag of documentation, at least so it seems.

A good example, which still frustrates me, to no end, is configTime().
There are and abundance of examples, explaining, more or less, how to use the function, but I have yet to find any resemblance of documentation, or even just an explanation, as to what it actually does. I haven't even been able to find the source code, just a header definition, which I haven't been able to find again afterwards.

It goes without saying, that I'd very much like an explanation, of the example issue, regarding configTime(), but in general, I have found it very difficult, to find anything but example code, regardless what I've been looking for, and this is a problem, not only because these examples are often not well explained, and does not seem to conform to any sort of standard, some being obsolete and others simply wrong, but because, without proper documentation, even if it is just source code, there can be no comprehension, and with no comprehension, you will be none the wiser, and cannot know, if your code is robust, and will actually do what you indented it to do. Again, configTime() is an excellent example, because of DST. Quite frankly, to know that it works, as intended, you'll have to wait and see, come summer/winter, if the behavior changes, or not, and of course does so, at the right moment in time.

This is no good enough, not for me at least. I need to know that I'm doing things right. For the moment, it only affects myself, but I already have several ideas, for potential products, where the ESP8266 is a central part, and though the standard, these days, is lax, to say the least, I will never sell anything, where I cannot say for sure, that a potential failure, is not my fault. Yes, it may well be my responsibility, but that's besides the point. I will always do my very best, to perform my very best, thus my current frustration. I've wasted so many hours, being not at all productive, trying to find answers, that should be easy to find. Frankly, I would've expected to be be done with my current project by now, enjoying the benefits, as it is not actually all that complicated, but instead I'm concerned that I may never finish, at least properly.

Concluding this diatribe, the question(s) should be evident.
Where do you find the documentation you require?
Is it just a matter of a product gaining popularity, and would be experts flooding the internet with subpar code and documentation, as have happened so many times before, the real documentation hiding somewhere, I've yet to find, or is it actually a real issue?
Should I look for another solution?

Thanks and best regards.