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By TinkerDad
#95830 Hello! I'm totally new here and attempting to build the propane poofer which utilizes the Thing Dev built-in server capabilities to establish a wifi connection & web page interface to trigger the poofer. It's uploaded and wired up... all the relays, switches and solenoids respond appropriately to clicks on the poofer control web page as expected when Thing is connected to my computer's usb port. BUT... when i disconnect the USB power to connect Thing to a portable battery the unit stops broadcasting it's wifi network SSID to which I need to connect to control the poofer.

Does this board need constant power? I assummed that once the code was uploaded that this board would servecand broadcast its own network whenever it is powered on. But it seems like it loses this ability if power is interrupted.
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By rooppoorali
#95853 What's the chronology of your work here? Are you connecting the portable power supply first and then disconnecting the USB power? Or disconnecting the USB power first and then connecting the Portable power supply?