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By Sirquil
#92688 Added RTSP video feed to my "RainGauge" project web site:

ESP32 webserver


Video is captured by "Wyse Cam 3" feeding the "Unreal Media Server" running on Windows PC. HTML5 document embeds WebRTC Player; which, pulls "live" video feed from the UNS. Main Menu option "Camera View" of project website displays video feed.

Camera is a "Wyse Cam 3" capturing video of wetland and pond behind our home. Sunset today was 19:03 EDT.

"Wyse Cam 3" has excellent low light, color video capability! Camera requires RTSP firmware update from "Factory" firmware designed to work with "Android and "Cloud" service.


Project documentation and code can be found on "Hackster.io"; posted 1/24/2022.]
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By Sirquil
#94475 Obsrvations-weather.000webhost.com domain website has moved: New Website address

Features of new website

Domain Website: Observations-weatherwebsite is no longer valid.

Have maintained a domain website for few years; on May 1, 2022 the site was permanently deleted by the hosting service. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I could not use the same address, even with a full backup. Domain website had to be recreated; without being able to use the same URL.

Project: NTP_Web_Interface_Data_Logger
ESP8266 client/server based; standalone server address remains: ESP8266 Standealone server

Project documentation on Hackster.io

Project CameraRainGauge
ESP32 AsyncWebServer based; standalone server address remains: ESP32 Standalone server

Project documentation on Hackster.io

Websites are dynamically updated every 15 minutes; a new web page is created. The two above projects; feed Observations-I and Observations-II pages respectively on the Domain website. PHP script written by Stephan Borsay retrieves data sent from the project “webInterface” function

More details of Mr. Borsay's PHP script

Many thanks to all the forum communities and the people that have helped me over the years. The help has been greatly appreciated; have had over 7000 views and visitors from 100+ countries according to ipinfo.io script I run on the domain home page.
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By Sirquil
#95954 Project updated 02/01/2023: Now logs data to Google Sheets continously; every 15 minutes for years.

Google Script that retrieves environmental data (datetime, temperature, heat index, humidity, dewpoint, pressure, and a difference value) from a web interface and appends it to a Google Spreadsheet. The sheet name is based on the current month and year, and a new sheet will be created with an additional number if the sheet with the same name already exists. If it's the last day of the current month, a new sheet for the next month will be created. The script has several functions, including getting the name of the current month, creating a new sheet with the specified name, adding headers to the new sheet, and appending the data to the sheet. Script is designed to create a new sheet at the end of each month with the name of the month and the year. The year will be incremented by 1 if the "flag" variable is set to 1. The "testForNextYear" function is supposed to update the "flag". The script checks if the current time is equal to the first day of the next year. If it is, the flag is set to 1.

Script modified by William Lucid; coding assist from OpenAI.com and ChatGPT. My first experience attemping to write GS Script; without OpenAI.com and ChatGPT, would have been an impossiable task!

Live feed of data from ESP32 to Google Sheet "BME280 ChatGPT"

Gist of "BME280 ChatGPT" Google Sheets App Script