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By karin8266
#96105 I haven't used ESP8266 in over six years so I am very rusty now.
I am trying to create a WebServer using an example from GitHub.
IU5HKU / ESP8266-ServerSentEvents
I usually include the HTML code (ie: the code in index.html) in the source code ahead of the code for
creating the server. I believe that that there is a way to store the index.html file in the 8266 then use it
for creating the web page. Is this correct? I have many other questions related to this project.
Where does the .php exist? I am trying to use Server Sent Events to send position values of a remote
motor to the Web Page displayed on the phone or desktop browser.
In that project I don't see any reference as to where the index.html file gets executed.
I hope I have explained this OK.