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By oswe
#96248 ok it did work. I confess the 1st time Ive tried my hopes were zero. it´s mentioned in github I2S protocol and based on "open-rtos-sdk" which is a reduced version I understand.
the code is a little tricky to get.
apparently u need to do
ssd1306_draw_pixel and then...
ssd1306_load_frame_buffer so the frame gets updated.

sample drawing 2 pixels :
ssd1306_set_whole_display_lighting(&dev, false);
ssd1306_draw_pixel(&dev, &fb1,10,10,OLED_COLOR_INVERT);
ssd1306_draw_pixel(&dev, &fb1,12,12,OLED_COLOR_INVERT);
vTaskDelay(5000/ portTICK_RATE_MS);

anyway thanks for the hump ,,,, now I have at least this.