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By harrishookes3654g
DIRR70 wrote:Hi Alexander,

It really seems that your NodeMCU is fried. There's no difference for the code between a 'single" ESP8266 and the NodeMCU. In case the code really works on one board, it should work on the other, too. To be entirely sure, you may want to use the code sample for AP with WEB server shipped with arduino (or platformIO, whatever you use). The power supply on the NodeMCU is perfectly fine to serve the board for AP purposes. You can't do very much to change the behaviour, maybe except trying different variants of the lwIP. But if the other board works with your code and board settings, I would definitely test a new NodeMCU...

Hello, I agree, if the code works on one ESP8266, it should work on the NodeMCU too. Try resetting the NodeMCU or flashing it with new firmware. If that doesn't work, you may have to consider the possibility of hardware failure and test with a new NodeMCU board.
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By Soniya78
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Ensure that you have configured the NodeMCU (ESP-12E) Soft AP correctly, including the correct SSID and password. Check for any hardware or software issues, and try resetting the device. If the problem persists, consult the documentation or seek assistance from the NodeMCU community.