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By NGP99
#96480 I am a total newbie with this endeavour. I have two cameras that can operated with a phone app. They both do much the same thing, and work well for what they do. One of then is actually easier to operate with a phone than it is directly, but neither will do exactly what I want, which is simply to operate the shutter at a specific time in the future.

What I want to do is to hack into the camera's WiFi with an ESP8266, i.e. have it masquerade as the phone app, but I'm utterly clueless about where to start and I just hope somebody else has already done it.

There is obviously nothing sacred about the WiFi per se. I can see it in the phone's settings but that is about as far as I can get. The camera can establish connection using a QR diagram on its screen but it isn't a prerequisite. I understand the QR code has the network name and password. I have read it but it looks like gobblydegook and it is pretty clear that Olympus is going to resist me all the way.

I don't expect any joy from the phone app. It won't do anything until it is connect to a "registered camera".

I am in the process of making an intervalometer using a Arduino ProMini and a DS3231, with cable-connect to the cameras. It already has an ESP-01 but this is only used to check the RTC against the Internet during Setup, and I would rather it was better employed.

I hope somebody has already been down this road.....