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By Sean Guo
#96512 Hello all, I am using a ESP8266-01S module with a Arduino UNO. For my project, I require it to connect to a hidden network (the settings of which I have no access to). I have been using AT commands to operate the ESP, and am attempting to use the "AT+CWJAP" command to connect to WiFi networks. The command works fine with non-hidden networks, but cannot seem to connect to networks with hidden SSIDs or iPhone hotspots. I have attempted updating firmware, changing the protocol standard, and using fast scan, but none of these solve the issue-- the command always fails with the 3rd error code: cannot find the target AP.

My circuit schematic can be found in this video at 1:01:

My full ESP setup code, if helpful, is here:

Is there any way to connect the module to a hidden network? Would an NodeMCU ESP8266 fare better in this regard? I am at my wit's end trying to solve this-- any help is appreciated. Thank you.