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NodeLua is a cross-platform firmware based on the lua language trying to make IoT programming easier. Not only an interpreter, but with a Web IDE, Cloud APIs, which makes you creating a real 'thing' more robustious and easier. It is currently running on ESP8266 and planned to support more chips, based on the lua language, nodejs-like APIs, but 10 times faster and 100 times smaller than nodejs. Which made it easily be fit into modules with only a few hundred kilobytes of Flash/RAM memory.

Major highlights

  • Access to all of the resources on the chip: GPIO, PWM, ADC, Timer, WIFI config, TCP server and client. Compile toolchain and the time wasting burning process are no longer needed.
  • A very easy to use web based IDE development environment. You can program and load codes into modules over-the-air.
  • Cloud APIs to storage the datas generating by the sensors on the modules(You can post data through only 2 lines of code!), to handle customer accounts, pairing, permissions, sharing devices with family and friends, control actions, triggers, timers send from customer’s phone or other sources.

Known issues

  • NodeLua is a Lua fork rather than an eLua fork and therefore does not use eLua's Lua Tiny RAM strategy for reducing RAM footprint, hence
  • The RAM size on ESP8266 is really tight for the Lua interpreter, currently there are only ~30KB free memory could be used both by NodeLua and your codes, which means dozens lines of code will used up all the heap space.
  • The project is now moribund, with the last GitHub commit in December 2014.

It's still in early alpha stage, you are welcome to be a early bird and help us to improve it! You can fork it on GitHub as well as send pull requests back.

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