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Line 18: Line 18:
   brew install grep   brew install grep
   brew install autoconf   brew install autoconf
-  brew install binutils ​(for gobjcopy) +  brew install binutils 
-  brew install gawk (required overwriting the non-gnu awk in my case)+  brew install gawk
   brew install wget   brew install wget
   brew install automake   brew install automake
   brew install libtool   brew install libtool
 +  brew install help2man
 +binutils is needed for gobjcopy
 +gawk is required for overwriting the non-gnu awk in my case
   ​   ​
 If you get the error "​configure:​ error: could not find GNU awk", run If you get the error "​configure:​ error: could not find GNU awk", run
Line 28: Line 33:
   brew link --overwrite gawk   brew link --overwrite gawk
   ​   ​
 +If you get the error "​./​zconf.hash.c:​167:​1:​ error: conflicting types for '​kconf_id_lookup'"​
 +  brew uninstall gperf
 +  ​
 +see: https://​​pfalcon/​esp-open-sdk/​issues/​236 for reference
 ===== esp-open-sdk with MacPorts ===== ===== esp-open-sdk with MacPorts =====
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