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By mchahn
#88963 I have googled uart breaks on esp8266 and found that support is lacking for break characters in general. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I've seen two methods to send a break, both of which are messy. One is to send a zero byte with a slow baud rate. The other method is to turn off serial, use the gpio, and turn serial back on. I will use one of these ugly methods to send breaks.

However, I can't find anything about how to detect a break when receiving. From my testing it appears that just returns a byte value of zero which is useless.

Does anyone know a way to detect a received break? I'm stuck on this because the protocol I'm receviing uses breaks to separate transmissions.
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By mrburnette

As there are multiple implementations, I would try to detect Ctrl-C as that is most likely the better choice. Otherwise, you can create a sketch that reads all characters and output the ASCII code to a display.

You can modify my project to output ASCII numbers for non-printable characters.